Why men/fathers find it difficult to accept their gay sons?


My father wasn’t that comfortable with me being gay. Until recently. Watch how I managed to change his mind to acceptance…



My dad has had a harder time accepting my homosexuality then my brave mother.  Let me tell you why…


Apparently my dad always had an idea that I might be gay.  The way I dressed, the way I looked, talked and acted apparently gave his heterosexual brain the clues that I was gay.  He never however comfronted me on it, perhaps secretly hoping he was wrong.


When I came out to my parents via SMS text message whilst living in Tel Aviv, Israel his response was that he would work extra hours at work as he assumed I was physically unwell.  His knowledge was limited and he tried his best to help out.


When I returned to the UK he asked me loads of questions about where I had a sensation, to which I replied both front and back (Jesus have mercy on me!).  He said don’t sleep with guys and try to make yourself straight.  That was the extent of our conversation.


My mum had always been open to dialogue but my dad was always shut off.  More concerned about what his friends and family would say rather then his own sons feelings.  He just could not bring himself to talk about it.  He had bumped into my boyfriend at the time and kept mute on the topic.


He wasn’t willing to appear in my YouTube videos and left my mum to tackle that. However, he never scolded me, chucked me to the streets or mocked me.  He was simply silent and stoic.


There was one upsetting incident which hurt me and I explain how I coped with it is this short video clip.  Now however, the tables have changed and he comes to events and speaks out.  If you want to know how that happened and how you could have that too then watch the video…


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