Why Do People Cheat?


How are you doing this fine Sunday night?  I’ve been wanting to make this video for 6 months now but have been waiting for the right time to release it.  Have you ever been cheated on like me?  Repeatedly?  Do you question why it happens?


Check out this short 2 min video to know more….



About 8 out of 12 ex’s of mine have ended our relationship by cheating.  I ain’t no angel and it always takes two to bring the collapse of a relationship but cheating is never justified.


Often times, people cheat because they don’t know any other way to end the relationship. Out of desperation, suffocation, unable to speak their truth they do such a soul destroying act which no one can recover from.


So why do they do it? When it is so painful? It is rarely to do with sexual gratification and almost always to do with meeting an emotional need.  They feel worthless, or not valued and look outward to gain that validation that they originally sought from you.  This new person makes them feel alive, sexy, valued, wanted.  But the thrill only lasts a short while, and when the new lover tires, the cheater is left alone and often worse then before.


It takes a lot to cheat.  A dysfunctional relationship and/or personal issues become too much and a person snaps.  The heartache, betrayal and pain is far too much.  However, with time we heal.  Learn your lessons, and grow, for you will survive.  Make sure you see the signs beforehand and invest fully in your next relationship.  For the cheaters, well as they are often left worse off then before, compassion and understanding is required. Karma always has her way. I tend to pray for my ex’s and do 10 gratitude exercises to thank them for all they have taught me and what I have learnt.


It gets better as long as you don’t retaliate with negativity. Have you been cheated on like me?  How did you feel?  Want to break the cycle too?  Do you own up to your part in the crumbling of the relationship?  Email me back.


Love always,


Mani x

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