Why Do People Cheat?

  How are you doing this fine Sunday night?  I’ve been wanting to make this video for 6 months now but have been waiting for the right time to release it.  Have you ever been cheated on like me?  Repeatedly?  Do you question why it happens?   Check out this short 2 min video to know more….     About… Read more →

How I Regrew My Hair!!!

  Hey, I hope you are enjoying the sunny weather! I am loving it. I’ve got a new job as a life coach in a special educational needs school so I’ve been busy.  I apologise in advance for the lateness in my email.   I’ve also been listening to mind power affirmations on YouTube daily- 5 hours worth in fact! Phew.… Read more →

Real Love Vs. Fake Love

  This is what I have figured out in all my years of dating…     Real love is when we love someone because we want to give them love. We love ourselves and are full of good energy which we want to share with another. We come as a whole being, uplifting and shining light into their life.  … Read more →