Mani’s Monologues Insecurity

Hey how are you keeping? I want to apologise for the late release of this blog. I have been away meditating for a few weeks and life caught up with me (doesn’t it catch everyone)! This video was released on my channel 3 weeks ago so if you ain’t seen it yet please do. It’s pretty cool with me acting!



I do so much self healing work, yoga, meditation, affirmations and gratitude but still like everyone else I have impurities in the form of insecurities.  Whether I am good enough, smart enough, attractive enough or deserving of good things.  These things pop into my conscious mind and definitely reside in my unconsciousness.


Years of self work still has not eradicated all of it.  But not to be upset up that, my life has of course given me fruits of my labour. And thus recognising where you are on the path, how far you have come and what more is left is a good measuring point!


Anyway, I enjoyed making this video because it got my creative juices flowing, and I hope you like it too.


Keep the dialogue open with me and comment on the video, share it with your friends and definitely like it!  Also make sure you subscribe to the channel.


Much love,


Mani x

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