Jealousy in the Gay Scene

Have you ever experienced jealous in the gay scene?



The gay scene being so marginalised has got so many of its issues. Due to feeling less then some gay people who are insecure are jealous to others. Of course straight people experience jealousy and again it is due to feeling less then.

When we live in lack, we look outward for validation.  When that disappoints and others get what we want, we get jealous.

The key is to realise that anything outside will never make you happy. Also by judging others what we want will move further away from us.  Only through appreciation will we adjoin to that vibrational energy.

So be happy for others, get into that energy space so you can attract it. If others are jealous of you, then let them be.  They are insecure, and you must be doing something right. On a deeper level, you must be holding onto what you have as though it is scarce, hence why you are getting jealousy to you.

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