I’m Old & Lonely :-(

I’ve just got back from an amazing evening with the Nottingham Punjabi Ladies circle with both my mum & dad. This was something I never thought would be possible as I thought I would be left old & lonely my whole life.


But look at me now, all loved up with family support and guidance having both my parents be there for me! If you wish the same then why not watch the video below and get a copy of my No1 Bestselling self help book ‘Bollywood Gay’ to know exactly how I did it.



Are you old & lonely?


Loneliness is a mental state which can be changed by observing it and being still within it. Like any emotional state it is impermanent and if allowed to be it disappears as if by magic.


I know many LGBTI folk think they will be alone for the rest of their lives and feel very disheartened by failed flings and painful romances. But rest assured there is a cure, and it has been within you all along. Your mind!


There is a stark difference between being single and being alone. When single the world is your oyster and countless adventures await to be explored. Being single does not equate to being lonely. For you can still feel alone even when partnered. It all comes down to how you feel about a situation and what you take from it.


Ageing again is a difficult subject for many due to our societies perception of it. “Don’t tell them your age” or “Aren’t you married yet?”, for instance can create huge anxieties within people. I love age. I love birthdays, celebrations and parties. I see myself mature and get wiser each year, something that I love and am hugely thankful for. I am thankful for my beating heart, my lungs that breathe and my limbs that carry me. When you feel healthy and youthful you give the cells in your body that pure energy which is vital for everlasting vitality. Have a look at the video and let me know what you think.


I hope this video serves you, if you have any video suggestions please private message me. Otherwise share this with those who you think will benefit.


Love always,


Mani x


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