I haven’t had Sex in 6 months!

It is getting hot hot hot in the UK darlings!  But even after all the heat and lack of clothing men are wearing I have not had sex in half a year!  Poor me.


I explain why in the short clip below….



It’s so hot outside and with the heat come the men. The beautiful chiselled men with abs and muscles wearing little clothing in the summer blaze.  I however have made a pact not to have sex!


To be honest after my awful breakup in December (video coming next week) I was not in the mood to date, flirt, or even look at any men.  It took me a long time to heal and I wanted to heal properly and not look outwards for comfort.  The wound that was, needed attention and unconditional personal attention at that.


I had made plenty of mistakes in my relationship and I wanted to learn from them so not to make them again.  I also hoped things would improve with my ex and we would get back together.  On top of that I knew that rebounds don’t heal and that the real work was in the pain.


The loneliness had to be comforted, confronted and cooled.  I wanted to know what was left of me, where my essence resided and to really figure my shit out quite honestly.  In the past I had used men and sex to feel validated and good about myself which had led to open relationships or single sleeping around.  I wanted to get away from all that. I longed for a   faithful, loving relationship. Damn I am ready to get married and settle down with kids.


So basically, I’m going to keep at being chaste, until I meet someone who is really special, and get to know him for 3 months before I decide to get physical. I want to see his soul and personality and not what he has under his clothes.  And with law of attraction in play, he should be the same.  Yes, there are hot guys out there, but do they want anything meaningful?  Have they got more sense then looks?


Why not try what I am doing, and wait it out.  Let’s see how this plans out.  With my daily visualisations and affirmations I’m sure Mr Sidhu’s husband is on the way.


Let me know what you think.






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