How I Regrew My Hair!!!


Hey, I hope you are enjoying the sunny weather! I am loving it. I’ve got a new job as a life coach in a special educational needs school so I’ve been busy.  I apologise in advance for the lateness in my email.


I’ve also been listening to mind power affirmations on YouTube daily- 5 hours worth in fact! Phew.  But from the subliminal affirmations a lot of amazing stuff has been happening.  I’ve been doing this for about 2 to 3 months now and the hair I was losing has all come back and amazing things are occurring in my life right now.


The video below was made before my hair transformation, so watch out for my next one! I also have ordered a ring light so my videos will be more lighter and professional 😉



It all came about from my hair loss.  I was thinking of having a hair transplant.  I kid you not! I am 30 and my hair was falling from my scalp and temple and I was getting scared.


Don’t get me wrong, I had performed and listened to affirmations in the past but nothing to this extent.  I was in desperate need and did not want to fork out thousands of pounds in hair treatment. I luckily found a channel called Mind Power on YouTube.  Mind Power uses subliminal affirmations, tricking the conscious mind and penetrating the unconscious.


Only after a few days hair started to sprout on my forehead and my hair grew thicker.  I was hooked and got everyone I knew onto it too.  You have to listen to the affirmations at least twice a day to get the results.  I listen to ones on hair growth, handsomeness (naturally), career, money and twinflame relationship.  Now I get both guys and girls chatting or flirting with me and I feel fantastic.  You need to carry on doing the affirmations for at least three months to feel the benefits and I will update you on the results.  Indeed you can comment on my videos about how gorgeous I look!


Seriously, affirmations work, coupled with the gratitude exercises I do daily.  If you want a gratitude worksheet then email me separately and I will send you one out.  I read a really cool book called The Magic by Rhonda Byrne the author of The Secret and it literally changed my life.  So yeah that’s where I’m at.


How about you?


Love always,


Mani x

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