How I Dealt with my Breakup

My two year relationship came to an abrupt end just two days before Christmas.  Xmas presents left unopened and cards left unread. What a painful start to 2017.  I thought I would die but this is how I managed…



I said I was going to make this video and so here it is.  My ex left me all alone just before Christmas whilst I was away meditating in a retreat near Scotland.  He was not happy with the way things were going, my behaviour and his own, so he decided to break free.


I was shocked. Totally, because he did not seem like the type to do that. But then I knew our relationship had been rocky, especially in the last couple of months.  But never in my wildest dreams did I think he would destroy me in such a way. With vengeance and vigour, a clean swoop to my soul.


Did I deserve it?  Maybe?  But what went on afterwards was a whirlwind of lies, deceit and pain.  So how did I deal with it?


1) I went straight to therapy

2) I avoided men like the plague

3) Spirituality became my savour

4) I sat in the pain

5) I wrote down how I felt

6) I grieved and grieved

7) I spoke to close friends and family

8) I tried to learn the lessons from it

9) I meditated like crazy

10) I started going to yoga daily


Then with time things began to improve. Check out my video for more tips and tricks on how you can deal with your breakups.


Let me know what you think.


Love always,

Mani x

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